Millard West Lacrosse. Millard West High School Lacrosse, Omaha Nebraska. First Boys and Girls High School team in the state of Nebraska. Boys State Champions. Girls Lacrosse team formed in 2015, Boys Lacrosse team formed in 2005.


Parent Board for Millard West Girls



  • Sets the strategic direction, planning, growth for the team
  • Makes sure team abides by MWHS rules
  • Acts as spokesperson for the MWHS Girls Lacrosse team
  • Sets up, coordinates, and prepares agendas and notifications of MWHS Girls lacrosse team Meetings.
  • Conducts all General and Board Meetings
  • Oversees and coordinates all MWHS Girls lacrosse team functions.
  • Establishes sub-committees as needed for specific functions and appoints committee chair people.
  • The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Sub committees that fall under this position
    • Coaching
    • Refs

Vice President

  • Reports to and assists the President as required.
  • Liaison for meeting agenda items from various MWHS Girls lacrosse team members and Board Members
  • Provides Board with lists of possible candidates for committee chair positions and future Board Members.
  • In the event the President is unable or unwilling to serve the remainder of their term as President, the Vice President will assume the position of President for the remainder of the term.
  • Sub committees that fall under this position
    • Player Recruiting Committee
      • Working at Beadle/Russell to develop girls/boys lacrosse
      • In charge of Summer camp to make money for team/coaches pay
    • Equipment Managers


  • Reports to the President.
  • Maintains minutes of the MWHS Girls lacrosse team meetings.
  • Distributes meeting agendas, notifies Board or General Membership of meetings, Expense Requests, events, and activities. The Secretary is the custodian of the MWHS Girls lacrosse team records and reports.
  • Marketing
    • Keeper of all documents for legal and subcommittee books
  • Registrar
  • Communication
    • Website
    • Press Releases
  • Sub committees that fall under this position
    • Transportation/Hotel
    • Webmaster
    • Best Practices Committee (Reports to Secretary)
      • Lettering Committee
      • Team Parent Support-Setting up new organizations/clubs-Works with Strategic Growth committee


  • Reports to the President.
  • Handles all MWHS Girls lacrosse team money and deposits as required for the proper and efficient operation of the Club.
  • The Treasurer, with the advice and consent of the Board, shall employ standard accounting practices and other reasonable and adequate safeguards to protect the integrity of MWHS Girls lacrosse team's financial operations.
  • Maintains a clear and standardized ledger of general and restricted incoming funds and itemized disbursements, in a standardized computer format, which can be easily transmitted to other officers and a MWHS Girls lacrosse team accountant, as needed.
  • Shall present statements of MWHS Girls lacrosse team's financial condition at all regular Board meetings and at other times as requested by the President or the Board.
  • At the end of the fiscal year, shall deliv­er over to their successor all books, monies, and other property in their charge, or, in the absence of a successor, shall deliver such properties to the President.
  • Sub committees that fall under this position
    • Spirit wear
    • Fundraising
    • Grant Writing
    • Donations



  • Several folks to take statistics, keep time  at both Varsity and JV Games.  Training will be provided.  


  • Taking pictures and videos of JV and Varsity Games
  • Putting together End of Season slideshow


  • Crews resposible for setting up fields with cages, tables and scorekeepers equipment

Social Media

  • Someone or two responsible for tweeting, instagraming and facebooking all MW Girls Lacrosse Events and Happenings.  

Spirit Committee

  • Responsible for spiritwear for team
  • Responsible for Tournament banners/decoration in school as we go into playoffs

End of Year Banquet

  • Schedules and Coordinates all End of Year Banquest Activities

Transportation Committee

  • Coordinate with team/families for rides
  • Make potential hotel reservations room blocks for team.
    •  Negotiate a free coaches room


  • Responsible for MW Girls Lacrosse site
  • Responsible for building registration programs
  • Works closely with team managers and secretary on blasting correspondence


  • Works with team to develop fundraising activities for team building and generating needed funds.


  • Responsible for team inventory, and corordinating and ordering all team uniforms/team equipment.